More Team Testimonials

“The Carol Blair and Associates team is an experienced group of professionals who are result oriented. From the first meeting you also learn to appreciate that they approach this professionalism in a warm and friendly way.”

Senior Manager, First Nation and Inuit Health, Health Canada

“Carol works well to achieve consensus and to capture the ideas of many people and then the material is presented clearly and succinctly in document form.

“Carol has an approach that has the perfect balance of working independently and yet knowing when to connect with the project contacts.”

Executive Director, Health Protection

“Working with Carol has taught me much about best practices in project management, research, client relations and communications.”

Executive Director, province-wide continuing care organization

“For me personally, your work helped me improve my understanding of current issues and methodologies. Carol, I learn a bit from every Consultant I work with but I learned a lot from you about process, presentation, team building, consensus, leadership qualities and so much more. Thanks!”

CEO, First Nation Health Commission

“I most appreciated the CBA team’s dedication, enthusiasm and reliable results that were always superior in quality.”

Executive Director, province-wide housing organization

“Carol Blair & Associates as a team delivers excellent work and always in a very gracious, facilitative way.

“Because of the excellent track record of Carol Blair & Associates, they are able to engage other excellent colleagues for special projects (for example, the three consultants on the Environmental Public Health Strategy who come from BC).

“The deliverables from Carol Blair and her team are consistently of high quality.”

Executive Director, Health Protection

“I would mention Carol Blair and Associates’ knowledge and insight of proven processes and methods that work, their track record of always delivering, and their willingness to go over and above if necessary.

“I would strongly recommend Carol Blair & Associates as they deliver superior results!”

Executive Director, province-wide housing organization

“I have most appreciated Carol Blair & Associates’ caring attitude about the project, the people and the organization involved.”

Project Manager, Family and Population Health

“Working with Carol Blair and Associates ensures that you have engaged a professional team with a proven performance track record.”

Senior Manager, First Nations and Inuit Health, Health Canada

“Important strategic decisions have occurred based on Carol Blair & Associates documents. The strength of their work reflects well on everyone involved and so their success has contributed to personal and team success on a variety of files.”

Executive Director, Health Protection

“I would recommend Carol Blair and Associates for any project that requires a finished, quality product that has been well researched, has had thorough consultation and results in an outcome that you can instantly utilize in your organization.”

Director, Health Standards Compliance and Licensing

“I would recommend CBA for any project that requires a review of existing information, consultation, identification of problems, and creative consideration of possible solutions.”

Project Manager, Family and Population Health

“Anyone who works with Carol and her team can have confidence in the work related to quality, comprehensiveness, and the strong sense of engagement. Team members are always friendly, organized, and deliver strong products in a timely way.”

Executive Director, Health Protection

“Carol Blair and Associates have certainly enhanced our credibility as an organization that can deliver quality products on time and within budget.”

Executive Director, province-wide continuing care organization


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